Saturday Night Hooking: Photography Goodies for the Not-Even-Semi-Enthusiast

Turns out, writing a blog about crafts during Christmas time is difficult.  Not because there aren’t a million adorable things to create at Christmas, but because all of these million things are gifts!  Trust me, I have crafts coming out of my ears, but I can’t talk about a single one on this blog yet!  And coming up with an additional thing to make for Christmas simply to write about is taking up the time I need to complete the gifts!

Oh, the troubles of an overachieving crafter.

I couldn’t go two weeks without saying anything on Saturday, though.  So, ignoring all the knitting and papercraft that’s going on behind the scenes, I’ll show you what I bought for myself this week.  I’m a big fan of ThinkGeek.  Their trinkets and goodies are deliciously nerdy fun.  A lot of the items are pretty affordable and they usually have coupons and sales to bring the costs down further.  So, at least a quarter of my shopping came through here (Etsy and Amazon got the rest of my money, turns out).  While I was being a good little elf and checking off names on my Christmas list I stumbled upon a photo studio specifically for small scale photography.  Now, I’m sure there are expensive models out there for talented people who really want to have a go at this picture taking business.  This is not me.  I like that I got my camera at a steep discount and that it has a tripod.  I have one lens and am not sure that I need any others.  It’s not a huge passion of mine, but it is fun to illustrate this blog a few times each week.

I always feel a little guilty when I’m unpacking a box with a bunch of gifts intended for other people and find myself saying: “One for them, one for me.  One for them, one for me..”

But only a little.

So, today I opened it up to take a look at it.  For being a pretty cheap set, I’m rather impressed.  I like that it folds up for easy storage  and that it’s easy to snap together in just a few seconds.  I’m not a fan of how my white.. box.. thing (again, no clue what this photography stuff is called) is wrinkled on the sides, but until I find out if I can iron it, I’ll just shoot the back instead.

The kitchen table is basically covered with all my hobbies and crafts at the moment. Photography at one end, Christmas gift making in the middle, and the far is the gift wrapping station.

It comes with the white box you see there, a tiny tripod, two lights that go up on either side and a case for all this stuff so I can put it away neatly.

So, as the week goes on I’ll be practicing with this kit and hopefully see a difference in my photographs!

And, if not, it’ll probably be a pretty awesome cat house.

Wesley thinks so, too.